To Image Gallery of Tepuis, Venezuela

THE LOST WORLD: Venezuela's Ancient Tepuis
Journeys to one of the last unexplored regions on earth.

THE MAKING OF THE FILM for : "The Living Edens" series.

To Image Gallery of Mountain Gorilla IMAX : MOUNTAIN GORILLA, THE MAKING OF
Vampire Bat, Desmodus, feeding on a donkey

The Making of "VAMPIRE":a twenty-five minute film for BBC's Wildlife On One, 1979
Vampires have dominated folklore for over 2,000 years - symbols of the supernatural and things that go bump in the night! In South America the Vampire lives on!

Black Mambas (Dendroaspis polylepis): Males in combat, Akagera National Park, Rwanda

ADVENTURES IN MAMBA COUNTRY (Pubished in BBC WILDLIFE Magazine; December 1993 Page 18 - 19)

A memorable close encounter of Adrian Warren with Black Mambas; males in combat in Akagera National Park, Rwanda.

To Image Gallery of Skydiving with IMAX


How we set out to design and successfully skydive, for the first time ever, with the IMAX giant screen camera system ...

To Image Gallery of Ring-tailed Lemur A JEWEL IN THE CROWD

Story of a Baby Male White Ring-tailed Lemur (published in BBC WILDLIFE February 1997 Page 22- 25)

Life in the ring-tailed lemur community is a fascinating social whirl. And the arrival of a little gem of a lemur-Sapphire-provided a natural focus for their human observers. Adrian Warren tells the tale of the ringtails

To Image Gallery of Hoatzin


WILDLIFE (The International Wildlife Magazine) October 1977 Page 447 -449)

One of the strangest living birds is the hoatzin, which seems to be a link with birds that became extinct millions of years ago, and even shows similarities to the first known bird Archaeopteryx.

To Image Gallery of Waorani Indian WAORANI : THE LAST PEOPLE

BBC WILDLIFE TV & RADIO Vol.2 No.9 September 1984 Page 454-457

The world is a flat disc covered in rainforest and bisected by a river . Above the clouds is Heaven. On the disc's surface are the 600 'people'-the ones who have survived the depredations of the 'outsiders'-and even 500 of these have been exiled to a reservation. Film-maker Adrian Warren travelled to the land of the last of the sad and 'savage' Waorani.

To Image Gallery of Mountain Gorilla MOUNTAIN GORILLA, 1992
To Image Gallery of Aerial images (Adrian Warren filming!) AERIAL FILMING TECHNIQUES by Adrian Warren


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