UNSEEN COMPANIONS: Big Views of Tiny Creatures
Photography by David & Madeleine Spears and Tom Cook
Text by Adrian Warren
Colour Artist: Dae Sasitorn

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Published by Last Refuge, ISBN 0-9544350-4-4

Zoom in to an ultra-microscopic view of our skin, our homes or our gardens and we enter an unfamiliar world full of creatures perfectly adapted to sharing our lives – many of them so tiny that we may even be unaware of their presence. Yet, they make enormous impact on us – some enrich our lives and bring benefit; others bite, cause disease, and sometimes even kill us. David and Madeleine Spears introduce us to our “Unseen Companions” with spellbinding high definition images that force us to gaze in uncomfortable wonder at the beauty and complexity of these extraordinary creatures. The informative text takes us on a fascinating journey to reveal their world, their lives and their intimate relationships… with us.

Publishing Date 15 May 2007
Order this book now for £19.99 (incl. P&P)

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