CHEETAH (Acinonyx jubatus)


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Roll No.
Camera Field Log

Two cheetah, bloated with food and tormented by flies, trying to rest in grass in serval's range, mid-afternoon. All on 600/300 mm

Cheetah, CU
Two Cheetah (male and female siblings) - movement and play
Cheetah sibling action continued (afternoon light); including Scenics:
Cheetah sibling action, continued. Includes BCUs.
Cheetah sibling action, continued from roll AW42
Cheetah sibling action, continued from roll AW43. Includes Scenics:
The two sibling Cheetah: aborted chase of Thomson's Gazelle; linking shorts to Wildebeest (Zoom lens and 300 mm); more linking shots later in better light and BCUs Wildebeest on 600 mm. Cheetah in grass CU on 600 mm (mostly 32 fps because of wind). Aborted chase of Thomson's Gazelle. Back lit shots of the two Cheetah on 300 mm. *see also Wildebeest in the same roll
Sunny and clear, am. Thomson's Gazelle watching Cheetah, on 300 mm. (see Gazelle)
Cheetah, the two siblings and another single individual who was trying to be friendly.*check the shot*
Cheetah stalking
WA brother and sister cheetahs
Guinea fowl encounter cheetah (weather overcast), covered on zoom and 600mm. BCU Guinea fowl; at 45 fps; 2-shot, but very poor pull focus at end
Cheetah kill Thomson's Gazelle fawn (very young), all on zoom at 25 fps, quite small in frame
Cheetahs eating Gazelle fawn in long grass (need to look for cutaway of female Thomson's Gazelle looking to make this sequence work)
BCU Cheetah with bloodstains (action continued from roll AW 61)
Adult female cheetah, mostly shot on 300 mm.
Adult female Cheetah Eating a hare; watching for prey; hiding in grass; aborted chase.
Cheetah finds new-born Thomson's Gazelle just before sunset, picks it up and carries it; makes it run; carries it again; starts to eat it (last part after sunset).
Cheetah feeding on the new-born Thomson's Gazelle.
Cheetah, one of the young pair, walking, profiled on near horizon, to cut with material on rolls AW 86, AW 87 (300 mm)
Male Cheetah chases, and brings down a Wildebeest calf, but leaves it (300 mm, 25 fps) NVG. Cheetah walks away.
Male Cheetah sitting among yellow flowers (300 mm)
Cheetah walking and lying down in grass
Warthog/Cheetah encounter (NVG)
(late afternoon) - Cheetah suffocating Wildebeest calf. After kill scenes include young Silver-backed Jackal trying to get in on the fresh kill (300 mm, 600 mm, 20:1 Zoom)
Cheetah feeding on Wildebeest calf. Silver-backed Jackal trying to get in on the fresh kill.
The Cheetah stalks / sitting/ resting in grass
Cheetah in grass (20:1 Zoom set on 210 mm, then switch to 600 mm)
Aftermath of Cheetah kill; Golden Jackal picking up bits that left over
Ground level view of Thomson's Gazelles (Cheetah POVs), to cut with Cheetah hunts (600 mm) *see Gazelle
Female Cheetah kills young Thomson's Gazelle, quickly joined by male Cheetah (300 mm, 75 fps). Gazelle fawn eaten alive - various lenses, wind very strong, so 600 mm. Golden Jackal tries to get in on fresh kill. (Action continues on roll 108)
Ground level shots of Thomson's Gazelles (Cheetah POVs) to cut with Cheetah hunts (600 mm/300 mm) *see Gazelle
Cheetah kill wildebeest calf (incomplete action) - went out of sight during chase so hit was out of view (600 mm/60 fps). Start of chase good, female begins but is overtaken by male.
After repositioning car, male cheetah is seen carrying wildebeest calf (still alive) out of water and mud; tries to kill it but begins to eat it before it dies (600 mm/300 mm). Note some dust across beginning of action from tourist vehicles.
Cheetah pair watching Wildebeest herd with calves, and Zebras
Cheetahs in the rain, start to chase but very untidy shot. They chase again but in front of tourist vehicles so did not film it.
Female Cheetah playing (some at 50 fps, all on 300 mm)
Cheetah pair playing.
CUs of Cheetahs walking, including one of male stopping to look back for female and calling her twice.*check the log for the calls*
Aborted Cheetah chase, very distant. WA Wildebeest herd scattering. All shot on 300 mm in fading dusk light.
Cheetah pair, Thomson's Gazelles, Wildebeest. Various shots and aborted chases, some action filmed at 60 fps
Female Cheetah chasing Golden Jackal
Wildebeest arriving to drink, following action on roll AW 122, to fit with Cheetah kill on roll AW 113* see Wildebeest
Female Cheetah, and shots of Thomson's and Grant's Gazelles reacting to her. Female Cheetah in bad mood (in first season?)
Wildebeest and calves drinking, then run from water (300 mm), to cut with Cheetah kill on roll AW 113.* see Wildebeest
Wildebeest to drink, to cut with Cheetah kill on roll AW 113; continuation of action on rolls AW 122, AW 120. Includes some shots of Wildebeest running away.* see Wildebeest
Wildebeest snorting at female Cheetah.
Jackals (Golden and Silver-backed) yapping at female Cheetah. (all on 300 mm/600 mm)
Cheetah female, two shots on 600 mm near Spring to fit with hunt on roll AW 113.
Cheetah female, jumps across stream (600 mm)
Cheetah female, hiding in grass, Wildebeest walk past R to L, 300 mm. More interaction with Wildebeest; and with Zebras (600 mm and heat haze)
Cheetah female, watching (late afternoon now)
Female Cheetah stalks and chases Thomson's Gazelles (herd of six), catches one female (all on 300 mm) - chase becomes very distant, in overcast light, and the "hit" is out of view behind shallow brow.
CU shots of Cheetah killing the Gazelle (300 mm/600 mm/20:1 Zoom)

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