ZEBRA (Equus burchelli)


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Roll No.
Camera field log
Zebra BCU studies
Zebras in heat haze, 600 mm
Afternoon: Lioness stalking zebra (600 mm)
Side views of lioness and zebra (600 mm)
Late afternoon: Magical light on Lake Magadi, with zebra and wildebeest silhouettes, several takes all on 600 mm
Wildebeest and Zebra seen from low angle through grass stems for POV of Serval. Morning light, some shots with yellow fever Acacia in background. Mostly on zoom lens.
Zebras scratching on yellow fever Acacia trees. Morning light. Zoom/300/600 mm
Dull, overcast early morning. Serval kittens watching zebras walk past den. More shots of zebras and links to den in varying light (zoom)
Dull, overcast morning. Mother serval arrives and calls kittens. Shots of kittens on zoom and 600 mm to inter cut. Zebras walk through (!) and around den. Hair in gate discovered 40 feet before end of roll, top of frame.
Mirage scenes continued, with zebras and wildebeest
Wildebeest, Zebra and Grant's Gazelles in heat haze
Wildebeest and Zebra near stream WA studies: 7 mm and zoom on 10.5 mm
Wildebeest and Zebra come to drink
Zebra by stream
Wildebeest, Zebra, and Crowned Cranes; low angle studies from bean bag under car (zoom); and from in car
Cheetah pair watching Wildebeest herd with calves, and Zebras
Cheetah female, hiding in grass, Wildebeest walk past R to L, 300 mm. More interaction with Wildebeest; and with Zebras (600 mm and heat haze)

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