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Exhibition: White Horses and Hill Figures
Wiltshire Heritage Museum, 26th March -3rd October 2010

White Horses and Hill Figures is an exciting major new exhibition opening at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes on Saturday 27 March.

This exhibition explores the mysterious chalk hill figures carved into the landscape of Britain, including the Uffington White Horse, the Cerne Abbas Giant and the Long Man of Wilmington. The exhibition reflects primarily on the county of Wiltshire, where spirited white horses can be seen galloping across the chalk downlands, and military badges stamp poignant memories of the past into the landscape. It explores how the white horses and military badges of Wiltshire were created, their locations, their design, the stories of their history, and associated legends and folklore, as well as the continuing maintenance needed to preserve them. Featured are historical items and ephemera related to white horses and hill figures, as well as artistic interpretations such as photography, artwork, ceramics and poetry created by local, national and international artists. The items include normally unseen pieces from the Museum’s collection, other Organisations and private collectors.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a summer school on 24 July featuring talks from the most well-known hill figure experts in Britain.

Jenna Spellane, Exhibitions Officer says “We want to show off the beauty, history and mystery of Wiltshire’s chalk downlands with its unique and characteristic artistry that covers and adorns the landscape. We are immensely grateful to Last Refuge Ltd. for providing stunning aerial photographs, as well as to numerous chalk hill figure restoration societies for information and images.” The exhibition runs until 3 October 2010. Usual admission charges apply.

For further information about the exhibition contact Jenna Spellane,
Exhibitions Officer on 01380 727369, or e-mail: jenna.spellane@wiltshireheritage.org.uk

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