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Science & medical footage
Tepuis footage
Mountain gorilla & Aerial footage, Rwanda & Congo
African wildlife & Aerial footage (Rift valley, Tanzania)
UK footage
Waorani Indian, Ecuador

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MS Adrian Warren sitting in lobelia clearing filming Mountain Gorilla, AW looks up and changes position, then continues, CU camera and Mountain Gorilla, MS Adrian Warren filming as Mountain Gorillas move through shot and mother and infant sits down in front of AW camera, CU camera with Mountain Gorilla standing behind beating chest then walking towards camera, AW films towards camera in bgnd. MS AW filming as large Mountain Gorilla runs past
MWA misty hygenia slopes, cloud passing r>l
MS misty hygenia forest, cloud swirling into valley, slow pan left up slope
MS golden monkey sitting upright facing camera, moves to new position, exiting left of shot
CU face of golden monkey feeding
CU golden monkey tail, pan along body to second grooming monkey, both look at camera and swap grooming roles
WA hygenia forest interior, tilts down to fast flowing river close to camera, tilts back up to tree tops, then down and across to river and back up to tree tops
CU of rock partly covered by fast flowing water
CU of waterfall, water cascades over rocks,
WA mossy hygenia trees and dense undergrowth, slow pan right
WA looking up into tree tops, tilt down to mossy trunks and dense forest floor undergrowth
WA traditional hut with smoke coming from roof, cloud topped Mt Visoke in background, woman by hut, zoom into MWA of hut and background, zoom into CU of smoke coming from roof
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