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Science & medical footage
Tepuis footage
Mountain gorilla & Aerial footage, Rwanda & Congo
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Waorani Indian, Ecuador

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Animation, Virus, Animation of T4 bacteriophage viri attacking bacteria Escherichia coli
Time lapse, Bacteria, Coloured bacteria multiplication
Time Lapse, nature, clouds, time lapse Rhubarb, time lapse Chili shoot emergence
Time Lapse, various, 3 Seasons, Choux pastry, pigs, NWG reception, fire test
Time Lapse, nature, rabbit rot, bailing hay, caterpillars, snails, Chrysalths, Bacteria
Mouse in House, fly flying
Science biology, Cells, Microscopy Keratinocytes 02:02:06:04 - 02:02:12:07
science medicine, Forensics, Genetic fingerprinting
Science biology, Insects, Flies egg laying + eggs, maggots on meat, VBCU bluebottle eggs in clumps on liver
Science biology, Reproduction, Egg and Sperm interactions master
Science biology, Insects, Fly egg laying and feeding, rotting flesh with surgical maggots, hatched empty egg cases
Science biology, Insects, Midges, Adults feeding, mating, larvae, pupae
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